About Us

The structure of our club aims to support the three main branches of member involvement:
  • Pistol 
  • Shotgun 
  • Recreational
Much of our year-to-year goals include developing discipline-specific shooting skills to cultivate competitive squads for national events. These competitive arenas include Trap, Skeet, and practical pistol shooting. The Shooting Sports Club advocates and supports many styles of competitive and safe shooting, though limited resources necessitate compromise.  

Realistically, members of our club, campus, and community are not solely interested in gaining skills for a competitive edge. Rather, people are interested in shooting firearms for various personal reasons. The role of the Recreation Squad is to provide consistent opportunities for safe engagement with firearms. Utilizing club supports, our Rec Squad is able to facilitate events throughout the year thanks to support from club members and leaders. 

Membership Benefits: 
  • Access to multiple private local shooting ranges 
  • Utilize club inventory and shooting gear
  • Store items through CatSafe
  • Compete with collegiate shooters nationwide
  • Participate and engage in local firearms community events
  • Attend professional firearms training

Membership Requirements: 
  • All members must register and pay dues through the new UVM system. 
  • Attend three events (meetings, clinics, practices, recreational shoots, competitions, etc.)
  • Sign Code-of-Conduct form
Team Requirements:

Officers & Leaders

Kyle Freundlich
Club President | UVM Club Sig
Squad: Handgun

Treasurer (resigning Spring 2018) | UVM Club Signer
Squad: Handgun

Club Secretary (Vacant)

Alex Adamski
Handgun Captain

Sam Usilton
Shotty Captain

Head Coach: Mike MacDuff

Assistant Coaches: Kenny Flagg, Micaila Baroffio

Faculty Advisor: Nick Hall